Our Story

We Are One Body® Audio Theatre seeks to encourage our volunteers to use their imagination and creativity to write stories, act in our productions, create sound effects, and aid in the production of high quality audio dramas for our listeners. To this end, we seek to provide our creative community with a friendly environment, where they can help us to produce material that will inspire all who encounter WAOB® Audio Theatre to become closer to God.

Why Listen to Us

Not only have I been able to be a part of many great projects with WAOB Audio Theater, I have learned so much that I started narrating audio books on my own.  Such a great group of people to work with.
Scott Walton, Actor

From literary classics, to original oddball fantasy and paranormal sleuthing, the WAOB Audio Theatre playlist is rich and diverse.  I am happy to be associated with a growing body of entertaining, quirky, and inspiring content. Lately I’ve been particularly impressed by the high production values (including sound effects and music) of the major fully-voiced productions.

— Dennis Jerz, Professor of Literature at Seton Hill University

Working with the WAOB Audio Theatre staff is an exhilarating, satisfying experience. I’ve become a better writer through my association with them.

Joe Potts, Writer

I have enjoyed the many projects that I have done with and for WAOB Audio Theater, whether it is reading a seasonal poem, or narrating a short story or as a cast member of a larger production.  Every project stretches my talents a little more to make me a better, more thoughtful, more interesting story teller. The staff are professional, friendly and a pleasure to volunteer for and I admire them and enjoy working with them for the greater Glory of God.

Shana M. Buck, Actor