Grettelyn Darkey



Grettelyn currently works for The Society of GK Chesterton. She has contributed to We Are One Body® Audio Theatre as  Senior Editor and Theatrical Director. In addition to her contributions at the audio theatre, Grettelyn has written short fiction, poetry, and essays for Gilbert MagazineThe Saint Austin ReviewThe Three Rivers Review, and several other publications. A professional vocalist, Grettelyn sings in the Pittsburgh Opera Chorus, the Saint Vincent Camerata, and other classical music groups around the Pittsburgh area. A deeply creative person, Grettelyn enjoys making beautiful things. She believes that the imagination is one of God’s greatest gifts, and that to embody ideas with tangible art is one of the noblest endeavors of the human soul.


The Executioner
Heart’s Desire
Double Wife
The Executioner (Full Cast)
Christmas Letters
The Details of the Devil
The Month of Mary
I Love You First
The Junk Box
The King of Hearts
The Thing in the Swamp
The Superman
Final Cadence
The New World Martyrology
The Little Mermaid
Christmas Guardians
Good Friday
She Who Sleeps
A Child of the Snows
The Donkey
The Hare and the Tortoise
She Who Sleeps (With Music)
Lepanto (With Music)
The Annunciation
The Patroness of Paris

Easter Communion
Saint Patrick was a Welshman
The Two Brothers and the Gold
A Hymn for Lauds on Sunday
All Gifts
Giant Slayer
One Day is There
Checking In
A Better Resurrection
Imaginary Twin
A Ballad of Suicide
Electron Jones and the Mysterious Message
Electron Jones and the Mind Over Matter Affair
The Steinway Sonnet
Dear March
The Canary Trick
Spring Stream
Sonnet 14
A Collection of Poems
Photo Op
The Calvary
MisSpelled: Episodes 1-7 (Writer, Director, Voice)