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Forget While the Getting is Good | Episode 1

A mage and his apprentice sneak into a witch’s house to steal a spell. But instead, things go horribly wrong.

Babble and The Beasts | Episode 2

The mage gives all the animals in a small town the gift of speech, in the hopes that they can help him. But it turns out that the animals have other ideas.

Love and Enchantment | Episode 3

Magic and love don’t mix, but that doesn’t stop a man and a woman from asking the mage for a love spell anyway.

Mages and Magicians | Episode 4

When a prince needs help finding the owner of a glass slipper, the mage gets swept up in the search.

Life’s a Drag(on) | Episode 5

The mage finds out that sometimes you have to go back to the beginning to find answers.

Head in the Clouds | Episode 6

The mage teams up with a man named Jack who agrees to take him to giant country.

Waking the Dragon | Episode 7

The mage confronts a dragon who has been terrorizing the kingdom, and gets one last chance at reconciliation and redemption.


Teaser Trailer

When a mage and his apprentice break into a witch’s house to steal a spell, they make a terrible mistake that will cost them both dearly. Follow the mage as he looks for answers in a world full of fairytale characters and exciting adventures.

Meet the Characters (Teaser)

Enjoy this compilation, introducing you to some of the many characters that you will meet in the new upcoming fantasy series, MisSpelled. From We Are One Body® Audio Theatre.

Behind the Scenes

The Sound Effects of MisSpelled

Cast and Crew

The Production Team

Director – Grettelyn Darkey
Assistant Director – John Wojtechko
Producer – Thomas Marinchak

Written by Nathan Turner, Grettelyn Darkey, and John Wojtechko

The Cast

Dennis Jerz as the Mage
Chris Paluzzi as the Apprentice
Fred Smith as Dwarf Number 1
Grettelyn Darkey as Dwarf Number 2
Thomas Marinchak as Dwarf Number 3
Jules Collins as Snow White
Lilly Kenyon as Fiona
Matthew Wojtechko as the Dog
Ed McKinnon as Freewinny-haha the Horse
Kevin Mahler as Jarvis
Joe Potts as the Mayor
Susan Potts as Sylvia
Tony Chiappetta as Terrence
Xavier LaFosse as Andrew
Albert Saenz as the Cat
Tyler Griser as Sebastian
Kiona Taylor as Josie
Scott Walton as Merlin
Asher Yautz as Rupert
Peter Wojtechko, Jr. as Prince Uther
Rhiannon Owen as Cinderella
Dana Rizzo as the Stepmother
Grettelyn Darkey as Stepsister Number 1
Zach Betz as Stepsister Number 2
Shana Buck as Baba Yaga
Carolyn Jerz as Molly
Jason Leikam as Jack
Eddie Roberts as the Bar Patron
Paul Fox as Gyles the Giant
Chris Paluzzi as the Dragon
Joseph Adams, Jacob Gorsich, and Scott Walton as the other dwarves
John Wojtechko, Matthew Wojtechko, and Peter Wojtechko, Jr. as the extras in the town hall meeting.
Joseph Adams, McKenna Brackney, Megan Brackney, Jacob Gorsich, Michael Marinchak, and Thomas Marinchak as extras in Merlin’s magic show

The Crew

Audio Technicians – Joseph Adams, Jacob Gorsich, and Thomas Marinchak.

Foley and Sound Design by Joseph Adams and Jacob Gorsich

Music composed by John Wojtechko.
The Gladiolus Rag and the Maple Leaf Rag were composed by Scott Joplin.