Paul Fox



Paul Fox a is married father of four, and grandfather of nine. Raised in mainline Protestantism, he converted to Catholicism 20 years ago after a vain search for the “true church” elsewhere. He has never looked back. Apart from family and work, his main loves are the study of languages, and singing with the St. Vincent Camerata.


Pontius Pilate
Maria of the Meadow
The Son of Man Comes as a Thief
The Last Leaf
He Didn’t See
To Our Unborn Grandchild
The Tale of Bad Biruk
Electron Jones: And the Mind Over Matter Affair
God’s Grandeur
The Finding at The Temple – St. Joseph
Carrion Comfort
The Canary Trick
Where They Lived
Righteous Among the Gentiles

Photo Op
Fourth Shop on the Right
A Christmas Carol: Episode 1
The King and His Hawk
The Cremation of Sam McGee
St. Patrick’s Day
Blue Angels
The Road Through Chaos
MisSpelled: Episode 5
In the Forest at Night
The Lady Vanishes
The Patroness of Paris